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    Iginio Massari: Italy’s most famous pastry chef

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    Iginio Massari: Italy’s most famous pastry chef

    Italy’s most famous pastry chef – in summary

    Ignio Massari had fairly humble beginnings, as a worker in a bakery. Through hard work, patience and talent, he has risen to becomeItaly’s most famous pastry chef. He is known throughout Italy, and across the world, thanks to the many awards he has received and his TV appearances.

    Iginio Massari is undoubtedly Italy’s most famous pasty chef across the globe. He first started on the path to excellence and fame at the age of sixteen, at a bakery inhis home town of Brescia. Since then he has been the recipient of major awards and has become a familiar face on TV screens on shows such asMasterChef Italia.

    Italy’s most famous pastry chef – the beginning

    The son of a cook and a canteen manager, Iginio grew up around food and started work at a local bakery when he was still a teenager. He then moved to Switzerland to learn about the art of being a pastry chef. On his return to Italy, Iginio overcame physical problems he had following aserious motorbike accidentand continued on his way to becoming Italy’s most famous pastry chef.