Maybe more than any other desert, the Colomba comes from an antique story and rich suggestions coming from the Bible and legends.

It could descend from the focaccia bread.

This pastry has a natural leavening with some later “adjustments” . It is different from the panettone because of the absence of raisins, instead of them there are only candied orange zest. On the surface, to increase the goodness of this pastry, there is some royal icing and almond pastry.


For the 1° mixture


g 1000 WATER

g 1000 SUGAR

g 700 EGG YOLK

g 2700 WHITE FLOUR 00 W 300-330 P/L 0,55

g 1100 BUTTER

For the 2 °mixture

g 700 WHITE FLOUR 00 W 360 P/L 0,55

g 700 SUGAR

g 300 HONEY

g 500 EGG YOLK

g 1550 BUTTER

g 50 SALT



g 500 WATER


For the icing:




g 800 SUGAR

g 20 COCOA





For the first mixture

Put sugar and water in the food processor or planetary mixer at a temperature of 22°C, stir to obtain a syrup, add flour and yeast and after 15 minutes, add softened butter and the egg yolks. Knead the dough until almost smooth but not too shiny. It will take no more than 22-25 minutes. Leave the dough to rise for 10-12 hours at a temperature of 28-30 °C or anyways until the volume has increased three times.

N.B. We suggest to put 500g of the dough in a graduate cylinder to verify how much it develops.

N.B. If the dough rises in less time, the next leavening will be delayed three times.

For the second mixture

Add flour and seasoning and, when it becomes smooth, add sugar with honey and 1/3 of the egg yolks. Knead the dough until becomes smooth and elastic. Add salt and 1/3 of the egg yolks, repeat the same operation. Next, add the softened butter and the rest of the egg yolks; when the dough is smooth, add the water. Then knead for 2-3 minutes and add the fruit. Shape it as a loaf, and leave it to rest for about one hour at 30 °C, then divide it in two equal parts, shape the body and the wings in the microwave mold. Leave it to rise for about 5-6 hours at 30 °C with a humidity of 60% up to the mold border. When the pastry is ready to cook, freeze with a fine amaretto mixture, sprinkle with almonds, sugar grains and confectioners’ sugar.

For the frosting

Thinly blend all the ingredients in the food processor, add the egg white. Use a medium whisk at medium speed. If you use a planetary mixer you may obtain a better royal icing and you could save time. If the icing is to soft, the Colomba might have some difficulties cooking and it will get wet after 8-10 days after the baking. It may also get mold. It is advisable to let the pastry rest for a day in the fridge before eating it. If after baking it, the icing is too hard the risk that it comes off the surface is very high. After being cooked, the Colomba has to rest for 12-14 hours upside down to cool off and stabilize itself. They are then sealed in appropriate confections, making sure no air passes so not to accelerate the aging. When the product is sealed, the expiration date, all the ingredients in a descending order and the allergens declaration are always placed on the confection and in order with the laws of the moment.