Meringata alla violetta

Puff pastry

Mandarin preserve

Merengue mixture with violet flowers

Dusted caster sugar

Candied violets

Baking pan covered in puff pastry

2) thin layer of orange marmalade

3) meringue mixture

4) dust of vanilla caster sugar

5) Decorations with candied violets



Block :

  • g1000 butter
  • g 400 white flour 00 weak 260 W


Put both the ingredients in the machine, work with the shield folding without lumps and without losing the plasticity of the butter. Let it rest in the fridge for two hours.


  • g 400 weak flour
  • g 200 strong flour
  • g 60 egg yolk
  • g 200 Vermouth
  • g 125 water
  • g 15 salt


Knead in the planetary mixer with all the ingredients, forming a loaf, cover with a cellophane, let it rest in the fridge for about two hours.

Form the puff pastry giving turns: 1: 3 (simple x) – 1 :4 (double). Place the paste on a baking pan before putting it in the fridge.

Let it rest for 120 minutes in the fridge and repeat the operation folding 1 x 3 e 1 x 4.

Cover with a transparent wrap and conserve in the fridge.

Remember that for the puff pastry made with butter, it is advisable to knead and turn it a day before using it, because it rests slowly there is no danger the butter “oozes” from one layer to another.

Almond meringue mixture

  • White almonds – g 500
  • White flour 00 g 100
  • Caster sugar – grind g 500
  • Egg white – g 650
  • Sugar – whip until shiny g 100
  • Violet flowers g 4


Grind the almonds with the sugar and flour, whip the egg white with sugar in the planetary mixer with a thin balloon whisk and incorporate everything with a spatula. Put the mixture in a cake pan covered in puff pastry 2 mm wide up to 2/3 of the height. A thin layer of mandarin marmalade on the bottom of the puff pastry, putt the mixture almost to the limit of the paste. Dust with caster sugar before putting into the oven. Cook at 170°C for 30-32 minutes open throttle.