Non solo zucchero - vol. 1

Technique and quality in the pastry shop

An absolute genius in Italian pastry and an ambitious masterpiece: the culture heritage of a lifetime summarized in four volumes.

Iginio Massari decided to share what he has to offer to his colleagues. Pierre Hermé commemorates him as “a man of heart, wise as an encyclopedia”.

Not for nothing the book is called ” Non solo zucchero”, in fact these books cross all boarder lines and placing itself as an instrument and a daily guide, necessarily used in every professional school. In the first volume: short pastry, sponge cake, butter composition, custards, bigné and meringues.

Alongside the theory a lot of basic recipes and more than 100 compositions of the master are beautifully illustrated by Vincenzo Lonati’s photos.

Non Solo Zucchero Vol. 1