Non solo zucchero - vol. IV

Technique and quality in  pastry

Iginio Massari, founder and honorary president of Ampi, the Italian pastry chefs’ academy, sent the fourth volume of “Non solo zucchero” to be published with Italian Gourmet. This manual for modern pastry chef is becoming more and more the encyclopedia for the education of professional pastry chefs.

The fourth volume talks about fruit cakes, single-portion deserts, semifreddi, completing Massari’s pathway with another mark in tradition and technique.

This title and its hundred recipes have been enhanced with a further detailed technical part and an important section of working steps.

Even in this case these are very helpful to the operator in the laboratory. In this specific case we need to highlight the transversality of the volume which suits pastry chefs and ice cream makers.

Finally, highly and richly illustrated, as the tradition of Italian Gourmet, the volume offers photographs done by Vincenzo Lonati of the Master’s sweets and pies.

Non solo zucchero – vol. IV