Siamo tutti pasticcioni

How to prepare exquisite sweets with the best pastry chefs of Italy

A prestigious international recognition for the volume made by “Italian Gourmet” licensed by The Walt Disney Company Italia which won a Gourmand Award as the best Italian book in the category children’s cookbook.

The best children’s cookbook 2013 is “Siamo tutti pasticcioni” , a volume made by “Italian Gourmet” licensed by The Walt Disney Company Italia. This book was created thanks to the collaboration with AMPI (Accademia Maestri Pasticceri Italiani). The Gourmand World Cookbooks Award 2013 committee awards this international prize every year by the “Oscar” of the gourmand publishing. Therefore the volume is in the short list for the competition which will award the prize “The Best in the World”, in Beijing on May 20/21 2014 during the Annual Awards ceremony of the Beijing Cookbook Fair, for the first time in China.

“We are very satisfied with the result” – comments Carla Icardi, director of Italian Gourmet, Italian group division DBInformation. She witnessed the collaboration between the pastry world and the editorial world. “We wanted to take a risk and introduce the pastry world to children, and fortunately we did. The Gourmand Cookbooks Award is the most important recognition in the wine and food editorial sector since 1997. Editors from all over the world participate in the award. The decision of bringing the award to China shows how much space and work the organizers put into this event.

“Siamo tutti pasticcioni” is a volume autographed by ten of the most famous Italian pastry chefs all members of AMPI (Academy of Italian Pastry Master Chefs). This book came out in Italy in November 2013. It illustrates the most famous Disney Ducks, such as: Iginio Massari – Uncle Scrooge; Salvatore De Riso – Gladstone Gander, Ernst Knam – Daisy, Gino Fabbri – Fethry Duck; Paolo Sacchetti – Gyro Gearloose; Roberto Rinaldini – Paperinik; Fabrizio Galla – Donald Duck; Luca Mannori – Gus Goose; Pasquale Marigliano – Huey, Dewey e Louie; Santi Palazzolo – Grandma Duck.

The pictures are by Paolo Picciotto, the illustrations by Ciro Gangialosi licensed by Disney kitchen. Great importance has been given to the technique of balance. Readers will learn not only how to make good sweets, but also how to create new ones based on each one’s creativity.

Whereas the cooking steps are all in one section so that there is no confusion and it’s easier to consult the book. In this volume Iginio Massari also included a section of his favorite desserts.

Siamo tutti pasticcioni