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    Macarons alla Frutta


    Product shipped at a controlled temperature. This product is only available for shipping in Italy.

    Pack of 12 flavored macarons:

    Passion Fruit
    Chocolate and Mandarin

    The macaron is a dessert made up of two meringue shells that are born from the combination of very delicate whipped egg whites and fine finely ground almonds. The filling consists of a soft cream.

    Maestro Iginio Massari has revisited the recipe for these iconic desserts by replacing the classic butter cream filling with a cream-based ganache that gives lightness, freshness and a taste that highlights the aromatic component.

    Our Macarons are prepared with raw materials selected personally by the Maestro and his children Debora and Nicola Massari. The filling is made from top quality fresh fruit reduced to pulp.

    The oldest historical sources trace the origin of this dessert to Venice in the 16th century. The name probably derives from the Italian dialect word “maccarone”. It would have been Caterina de 'Medici, wife of the Duke of Orleans, who commissioned it to an Italian pastry chef for an important event in France from where it later spread. Initially similar to a biscuit, the dessert underwent several variations over the years until it assumed its current shape and structure in 1930 in Paris thanks to Pierre Desfontaines.

    • Product subjected to rapid blast chilling at negative temperatures to ensure that the quality characteristics of the product are maintained.
      Consume within 3 months if stored at -18 °, consume within 5 days if stored at 0°C / + 4°C.

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