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    Panettone al Cioccolato


    The Panettone with Chocolate by Iginio Massari Alta Pasticceria is artisanal and is packaged fresh, without preservatives: by filling in a specific calendar in the cart, it is possible to request the delivery of the chocolate panettone in a specific week.

    The chocolate variant of this renowned Christmas cake.
    In this version, the original dough, which requires an elaborate process including four leavening times and two kneading sessions, is sprinkled with soft candied orange bits and enriched with creamy, dark and milk chocolate. As a final touch, it is covered with a delicious amaretto glaze of powdered almonds and hazelnuts made even more scrumptious by a touch of cocoa and topped with raw almonds and granulated sugar.
    A harmonious but assertive combination of pleasures to indulge without hesitation.

    • Store in a cool, dry place.
      The expiration date is written on the package.

      An expiration date of at least 14 days is guaranteed from the first attempt to deliver the products by the courier.