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    Tavolette di Cioccolato Monorigine


    Chocolate bars with selected cocoa from the Amazon

    From the desert region of San Juan de Bigote, located close to the Andes, the "Gran Blanco" is born in a clayey and humid soil, composed of albino cocoa beans , unique in the world. It is characterized by a rich contrast of flavors, given by the acidity of the citrus fruits and the sweet taste of honey. The taste contains a splendid note of dried fruit and spices, combined with a light nuance of tobacco and milk, which together pay homage to the mysterious Amazonian territory:
    White Piura 35%
    Milk Piura 55%
    Piura Gran Blanco Espresso

    The San Martin region, an authentic jewel of nature nestled in the heart of the Amazon, now leaves room for the largest cocoa production area in Peru. And it is precisely in this wild land, surrounded by lagoons and waterfalls, that San Martin cocoa is born, which offers a combination of intangible notes of red fruits and tropical fruit that end with a light taste of flowery jasmine:
    Milk San Martin 42%
    White San Martin 45%

    The sacred Cuzco Valley, located at an altitude of 3.000 meters in the heart of the ancient Inca empire, is home to one of the rarest cocoa in the world: Chuncho. Chuncho is powerful for its ability to grow where other cocoa plants could not, but at the same time very delicate, fresh and herbaceous. Intense floral notes of pink flowers, citrus and passion fruit combine with incredible notes of dried fruit and licorice creating an extraordinary vivacity to the taste:
    70% Dark Cuzco
    88% Dark Cuzco

    Weight: 82g

    • Store in a cool and dry place.
      The expiration date is written on the package.