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    Tavolette di Cioccolato


    Product with temperature-controlled shipment. From May to September this product is not available for shipment outside Italy.

    Chocolate bars

    Dark chocolate 70%: a particular dark chocolate that gives a balanced emotion of bitter and sour notes. Pure, intense and enveloping cocoa makes this chocolate extraordinarily elegant when tasted.

    Milk chocolate 41%: incredibly refined milk chocolate, characterized by a pure and intense taste of cocoa and milk and an enveloping creaminess. This milk chocolate, made from West African cocoa beans, offers a precious and enveloping aroma when tasted.

    White chocolate 34%: light and harmonious, it is extremely soft and balanced. This white chocolate offers a fabulous intense sweetness on the palate.

    Weight: 82g

    • Store in a cool and dry place.
      The expiration date is written on the package.