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    "Food doesn't just have to be good; it has to be beautiful, elegant and engaging."

    Iginio Massari

    Iginio Massari

    Talent, passion, dedication and strict professional discipline are just some of the characteristics thanks to which Iginio Massari is now considered the greatest Italian Master Pastry Chef in the world, whose merit is to have elevated the culture of Italian pastry to its highest expression.

    After a beginning where he trained in the French cantons of Switzerland with Master Pastry Chef Claude Gerber and a long experience as a food industry consultant, he chose to devote himself completely to making artisanal pastry, with his wife’s support, who prompted him to open the Pasticceria Veneto pastry shop back in 1971.

    His simple philosophy is to strive for perfection and never stop.

    His vision has become his raison d'être, a commitment that is reflected in a long career studded with successes, having won over 300 competitions and national and international prizes and awards.

    His creations exhibit a unique style and inspiration firmly rooted at the basis of artisanship which combine art with science, sensitivity with great technical knowledge and brain with heart.

    His works come from the union of creativity, careful selection of raw materials and extreme attention to detail in their making, and lead to a universe which engages all the senses.

    The most notable amongst them is his world-famous signature panettone, which, thanks to a skilful balancing of tradition and innovation, has risen to new glory and the prominent status of object of desire for the Christmas holidays.

    Maestro Massari is not only regarded as an Haute Patisserie world-leader by his colleagues, but he is also loved and followed by the public at large, by virtue of his personality, which is authoritative whilst at the same time down to earth.

    In any case, the fame he has obtained does not distract him from his primary objective: the worldwide success of Italian pastry’s excellence. This excellence is to be celebrated, shared and promoted, because, as he himself states, it is the one luxury we all can afford.