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    "Food doesn't just have to taste good; it should be pleasing to the eye, fine and engaging."

    Iginio Massari

    Iginio Massari

    Talent, passion, dedication and strict professional discipline are just some of the characteristics which have made Iginio Massari the greatest Italian Master Pastry Chef in the world. To him goes the merit of having elevated the Italian pastry-making tradition to its highest expression.

    At first, he trained in the French-speaking cantons in Switzerland with Master Pastry Chef Claude Gerber. Then, he had a long experience as a food industry consultant. Eventually, he decided to devote his career to artisan pastry-making. His wife's support played a pivotal role. She was the one who pushed him to open the pastry shop Pasticceria Veneto back in 1971.

    His philosophy in the kitchen is simple: strive for perfection and never stop.

    This vision has become his raison d'être, a commitment that is reflected in a long career studded with successes. Iginio Massari has won over 300 competitions as well as several national and international prizes and awards.

    His creations are defined by a unique style rooted in the artisan pastry-making tradition. A style which combines art with science, sensitivity with vast technical knowledge and the mind with the heart.

    Iginio Massari’s fine pastry-making is the result of great creativity, careful selection of the ingredients and meticulous attention to detail. Tasting his pastries is an experience that involves all the senses.

    One of the most notable Iginio Massari’s creations is undoubtedly his signature panettone. Thanks to a wise balancing of tradition and innovation, he has brought new visibility to this typical Italian Christmas dessert.

    Not only is Iginio Massari a point of reference for pastry chefs all over the world, but he is also popular among the general public who love his decisive and at the same time understanding character.

    However, the widespread fame has never distracted him from his primary goal to make the Italian pastry-making tradition stand out worldwide. It should always be celebrated, shared and promoted since - as he believes - pastries are a luxury we can indulge in.