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    Behind every great success there is not only a leader, but also the support of a great team, people working together in harmony and mutual respect for the achievement of common goals.

    There is no room for individual pursuits inside the laboratory. Just like in an artisan workshop, the Master shares his knowledge without reserve, and so do his collaborators; everyone contributes with their hands and brains, so that the free exchange of knowledge may enhance everyone's skills.

    This spirit of collaboration is not only necessary for an efficient organization; above all, it stimulates both professional and human growth in a dynamic way.

    They say that teamwork allows ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results, and this is certainly one of the ingredients that allow this extraordinary team to create small masterpieces of sweetness every day.

    The Massari Family

    Debora Massari

    After graduating high school with a science major, she obtained her university degree in Food Science and Technology with an experimental thesis on leavened products; she then joined the family business in 2000.

    After creating e-commerce and social media networks and developing the Iginio Massari brand, she worked on the research and development of new products Made in Italy. She is the happy recipient of Brescia Province’s prestigious personality endorser recognition for notable merits. Nel 2019, she became Master Pastry Chef and joined the prestigious Academy of Italian Master Pastry Chefs. She is currently on the Iginio Massari Srl Board of Directors.

    Together with her father, she has been leading technical exhibitions and symposia, working on books and appearing on general and industry related TV shows. She currently lectures at the 24 Ore Business School.

    Nicola Massari

    Raised within the gastronomic world and endowed with an innate innovative spirit, he is the one providing the most technical contribution to Massari's haute patisserie.

    His constantly evolving scientific research has already led to the filing of three patents in the fields of food mechanics and technology; in addition, he is a the head of the creation research and development team of the new Pasticceria Veneto laboratory in Brescia.

    Technology is indeed a fundamental component in the world of artisanship, which allows it to reach the highest quality standards. He specializes in creating ad hoc technology which, through the study of raw materials and the codification of their interaction into a recipe, realizes the finished product as it was originally conceived, thus eliminating any compromise that would have the product adapt to machine processes.

    Combined with ingenuity and technical skills, this scientific approach allows him to develop innovative strategies to overcome production limits and open up ever new perspectives.