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    Praline Fantasia


    Chocolate spells excitement. Even the smallest taste contains a pure, intense and enveloping aromatic power, which releases deep and long-lasting sensations on the palate.

    Assorted Praline Fantasia with pistachio, hazelnut and almond.

    Pistachio praline: pistachio and white chocolate praline coated with milk chocolate and caramelized pistachio.

    Hazelnut praline: hazelnut and milk chocolate praline with a dark chocolate coating.

    Almond praline: almond and milk chocolate praline with a milk chocolate coating.

    Hazelnut praline: hazelnut, white and milk chocolate praline with a covering of milk chocolate and hazelnut grains.

    Available in boxes of 9, 16, and 25 pieces.


    • Store in a cool and dry place.
      The expiration date is written on the package.