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    Iginio Massari - Biography

    Iginio Massari was born august 29 1942 in Brescia.

    His mother a cook, his father a canteen manager, during his first memories we find him admiring colors, shapes and profumes …

    At 16 years old he was working in a bakery in the city center for a few months. His desire to learn pushed him into going to a canton of Switzerland where, in four years, he his first patisserie and choccolaterie experience.

    In Budrye he has the honor and privilege of working with master Claude Gerber. Here is where he completed his first educational pathway and returned to Italy. At this time he was already requested because of his abilities and dedication.

    Iginio then had a serious road accident, but The forced immobility did not stop his personal dynamism nor did it stop the one of Mr. Barzetti, noted food industrialist, who, just to have him working alongside, would have him picked up at his brother’s home everyday.

    Bauli is where he strengthened his knowledge on yeast dough. He returned to Brescia as manager and head pastry chef of FLLI Cervi and later on matured in two years working at Star as the technical manager of the manufactured and industrial sector form 1969 to 1971.
    That same year he opened the pastry shop Veneto, as his wife had desired.

    Iginio is intimidating as much as he is loved. He is recognized all over the world for his superior talent, his strict professional discipline and his dedication. He is also appreciated even more for his culture and honesty.

    Winner, since 1964, of more then 300 competitions, awards and national as well as international recognitions.

    Here are a few:

    1985 – Creator of the first Italian pastry championship in Brescia
    1985 – Treviso: Italian Championship of sugar decoration
    1986 – He founded the Consorzio Pasticceri Bresciani which he still owns today.
    1987 – He became the first and only Italian member of the prestigious international association ” Relais Dessert”. An association that gathers the best pastry chefs in the world with the objective of “Quality” (91 adherents of 16 nations)
    1990 – Colmark France. Merit recognition of mastery in sweets.
    1992 – Quality of life ” Prize Bepe Tosolini”, during which Enzo Bearzort won a prize for sport.
    1993 – Brescia. He founded the’ Academy of Italian Pastry chef masters (AMPI) objective : to promote quality.
    1994 – Varese. Academic Champion in Italy for the quality and esthetic of cakes and pastry mignon.
    1997 – Winner of the “World Cup of Pastry” in Lyon as coach of the Italian team
    1999 –Recognition for the gold medal “Italian pastry chef of the year 1999-2000”.
    2000 – Brescia. Recognition: Gold medal of the chamber of commerce of Brescia, for his contribution in diffusing the wine and food quality of Brescia to the world.
    2000 – Recognition of “City of Modena”.
    2001 – Venice, Academic Champion in Italy for the quality of mandarin cakes and for the decoration of pulled and blown sugar.
    2002 – Brescia, Italian champion for the quality of vanilla and chocolate cream.
    2002 – Bari, Gold medal for the quality of the best Italian biscuits made with olive oil, cakes with almonds and decorations with chocolate and pulled and blown sugar.
    2002 – Rome, Europe Cup.
    2003 – Brescia, Recognition: gold medal ” European Prize Giovanni Marcora ”.
    2003 – November 11. Bergamo,Recognition: trophy “Italian Pastry Chef of the decade1993-03” .
    2003 – Bologna, Gold medal for the best Italian oven cooked chocolate cake.
    2004 – Brescia. Creator of the Gold trophy and medal for the president of the Italian republic of catering.
    2004 – Rimini. Coach of the Italian Wining team of the world’s championship.
    2004 – Tokyo. Recognition by the international wine and food television press NHK Japan Quality Pastry 2004
    2006 – Sorrento. Recognition: Sorrento international professional prize 2006
    2006 – Milan. Recognition: Italian Pastry chef Of the year “2006 Identità Golose”
    2007 – Napoli. He won a Gold medal for the best Italian sweet “Apple mignon”.
    2009 – Nashville USA. Coach of the Italian team “World Pastry Masters” that won a bronze medal.
    2011 – Phoenix USA Arizona. Coach of the World Pastry Masters” Silver medal.
    2011 – Parma. November 6 2002 he won the gold medal for the best Italian sweet Tiramisù.
    2012 – Brescia November 6 he won a gold medal for the best Italian chocolate sweet.
    2013 – Rimini. Coach in the World championship of sugar art “Gold medal”.
    2013 – Brescia November 6 he won a gold medal for the best fruit sweet of Italy.
    2013 – Paris. Italian individual Coach for the world’s chocolate championship “World Chocolate Masters” Gold medal.
    2013 – Recognition in Italy with the title of “commander” of the Italian Republic.
    Creator and partner of the school that specializes in food CAST ALIMENTI of Brescia since 1996.
    Partner since 1993 of the restaurant ‘Carlo Magno’ Collebeato Brescia
    Recognition by the guide of the GAMBERO ROSSO for the best Italian pastry shop in: 2011- 2012 / 2012- 2013 / 2013-2014 / 2014- 2015 / 2016-2017 / 2017-2018 / 2018-2019 / 2019-2020
    January 2015, Lyon president of honor of COUPE DU MONDE DE PATISSERIE “first President of the jury ” stranger ” on French soil and coach of the Italian team that ranked first.
    March 2015, Venice – GOLDEN LION TO THE CAREER
    March 2018 – opens his second Pastry in Milan obtaining an immediate success.
    July 2018, Parma – Awarded the “Master of Master Yeast Masters” Award
    October 2019 – Opening “Galleria Iginio Massari Torino”
    November 2019 The sweet side, tales and recipes of a lifetime (Edizioni Mondadori)
    December 2020 Opening "Galleria Iginio Massari Verona"


    • MasterChef Italia, Sky Uno (2012 - in corso)
    • Il più grande pasticcere, Rai 2 (2014 - 2015)
    • A lezione da Iginio Massari, Cielo (2016)
    • Natale con Iginio Massari, Sky Uno (2016)
    • Carnevale con Iginio Massari, Sky Uno (2017)
    • The Real, TV8 (2017) – Ospite
    • Celebrity MasterChef Italia, Sky Uno (2017 - 2018) – Ospite
    • Iginio Massari – The Sweetman, Sky Uno (2017 - 2018)
    • Iginio Massari – The Sweetman Pro, Sky Uno (2017)
    • Iginio Massari – The Sweetman Celebrities, Sky Uno (2018)
    • Prima TV “Master Challenge Sfida ai Massari” (2019)
    • Food Network (2019)

    A long career, many projects for the future, primarily those aimed at improving the culture of pastry chefs; a selection process aimed at the affirmation of ITALIAN EXCELLENCE IN THE WORLD “