Non solo zucchero - vol. II

Technique and quality in pastry

The hard work of master Iginio Massari with Italian Gourmet continues. Indeed the second volume of the series “Non solo zucchero” just came out autographed by “the master of masters”.

The book is divided into 5 areas: yeast dough, french pastry, marmalade- preserve-gelatin- frosting, fried and “my favorite desserts”.

For example, for the yeast dough content there are the pastry classics, the panettone and the colomba, giving base recipes and variations like the recipe of pandoro sfogliato.

In every section we start from the ingredient list, then the working techniques, the recipes (more then ten for each product), and finally the illustrated recipes that are more than 130.

Great importance has been given to the technique of balance. Readers will learn not only how to make good sweets, but also how to create new ones based on each one’s creativity. Whereas the cooking steps are all in one section so that there is no confusion and it’s easier to consult the book.

In this volume Iginio Massari also included a section of his favorite desserts.

Non Solo Zucchero Vol. II