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    Il Lato Dolce

    Iginio Massari, the Master of the Masters of Italian pastry, returns with Il Lato Dolce, a story that traces his life and the secrets that guided him from a small bakery in Brescia to the Grand Prize for Best Pastry Chef in the World. Stories and recipes are a real ode to his long career, punctuated by anecdotes and filled with all the experience and knowledge necessary to create good-tasting, beautiful-looking and quality sweets. We start in his hometown, when as a child he fell into a bowl of cream; continue in Switzerland, where he learned the art of the French croissant and, through a gallery of refined creations, travel between Europe and Italy: from the Viennese Sacher to the Parisian macarons, from the Neapolitan pastries to the legendary Milanese panettone. Massari continues here, with sincerity and culture, the path that is dearest to him.

    • Edition: November 2019
      Publishing house: Solferino
      Hard cover: 218 pages